May the 4th Be With You!

Yes, it’s Star Wars day!

I was actually going to get in my first full game of Guild Ball tonight, but the guy I was meeting up with got sick, so I might just have to pop in my copy of Force Awakens and watch it with BB-8.  Always a bunch of great Star Wars announcements today, including the fact that Respawn, makers of Titanfall(one of my favorite games from last year) is working on a Star Wars game!

Meanwhile, with Heroines for Hire, we’re back to a regular strip this week.  We’ll be wrapping up this storyline soon, but the short story will continue.  You can read the short story at the website, but the strip is posted above.

I’ll do a post about Guild Ball sometime in the future, too.  Fantastic little skirmish game with gorgeous miniatures and a tight ruleset, lots of fun.


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