Too Much Social Media!

So… Between updating the Facebook page, Twitter, working on scripts, and training for a new job, I’ve been a bit lax in updating this website.  So, if you’re following Heroines For Hire on this, my personal website, then the story probably seems to jump around a bit!  That’s because I haven’t been faithfully posting the […]


Week 15 of Heroines for Hire!

Wow, who would have thought it…we’re already over three months into the comic, with a ton more content ahead. We’re just about ready to start seriously promoting the comic, now that we’ve got a decent number of strips under our belt.  This weekend artist Jo Roberts and I will be at Long Beach Comic-Con, there […]


Customer Service is No. 1

Is the name of this week’s Heroines for Hire strip, brought to you by myself and Josephine Roberts.  I know it may not seem so from this comic, but we’re starting to get to the heart of our story. There can be a certain strange satisfaction when there aren’t a lot of items on a […]