Welcome To The New And Improved Drunken Boxer

Bonjour, bienvenue, welcome! This is the all-new, hopefully all improved website to share what’s going on with me, Paul Benson. I’ll be sharing and linking creative projects that I’ve worked on both past and present, and will also expound on various interests and observations I have. Most of them will be geeky and/or humorous, but who knows what shallow wisdom I may use to impart to you, the humble visitor to this site.

To kick things off right: I am currently writing a weekly fantasy comedy webcomic titled, “Heroines for Hire.”  (The very first comic is pictured above.) It’s the misadventures of two sisters struggling to break through the glass ceiling of heroic adventurer in a land rife with dragons…and dungeons.  I hope you’ll go to check it out…we post a new comic every Wednesday, unless something earthshaking happens like the coffee machine broke that day.

So again, welcome aboard, strap in, and enjoy the fruits of my creative juices  the website.


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