New Comic, and A Short Story

Not only is there a new comic this week, but I’ve also started work on a short story about Derrick, the paladin(as pictured in this week’s comic).  It’s just a small part so far of what will be a much larger piece, and can also be found at the Heroines for Hire website:


          His ankles and wrists bound in a thick hemp rope, Derrick hung suspended upside-down over the pool of deadly werepiranha. Occasionally, one of the hairy fish would leap out of the water, ineffectually snapping up at Derrick’s head, which was as yet out of their range.

Not that it dissuaded these aquatic werecreatures. If anything, the fact that Derrick was just out of reach seemed to goad the creatures into an even greater frenzy of effort to reach him, jaws of razor-sharp teeth gaping open at the apex of their leaps, as if they could somehow bite Derrick’s head off whole.

And had Derrick been hanging just a little bit lower, that would have been far from an impossibility. Once a piranha had been bitten by a werepiranha, under the full moon it not only sprouted hair(in a somewhat ridiculous and impractical fashion), but it also grew appreciably larger than the typical piranha. So large that, as Derrick looked down at the latest piscine terror arcing up towards his head, he could imagine said head disappearing into that cavernous maw.

Not particularly the way he envisioned ending his career as an adventurer.



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