For those of you that don’t know me, I’m a bit of a gamer.  I don’t mean videogames(though I certainly enjoy those as well).   No, I mean tabletop games.  Board games, miniature games, roleplaying games…I enjoy many of them, but sadly being an adult means you just don’t have as much time to play […]

Back from Hiatus!

Heroines for Hire is back from its hiatus.  Hopefully I won’t have to write that sentence too many times in the near future…but I’ve come to accept that I can write strips much faster than Jo can draw them.  It’s just the way of the world. This week I also returned to the short story […]

Batman V Superman V Logic

Hey, look at that…I made another comic strip! I did have a little help on this one though…I wrote, drew and inked it, but my regular Heroines artist Jo volunteered to do the coloring, and who am I to turn her down! As of this writing, I have not seen Batman v Superman, though I’ve […]

The Debut of Copacetic Comics!

Heroines is still on hiatus, and with Jo off at Silicon Valley Comic-Con this weekend and at WonderCon the next, it doesn’t look like you’ll be getting a new strip for a bit. But I hate leaving our readers high and dry, so I made my very first comic in Manga Studio. The lines could […]


I’ve been informed by my artist that the hiatus for Heroines for Hire will be lasting longer than either of us hoped.  No real timeframe as of yet, but as soon as I know something, you all will know, too. Meanwhile, the new trailer for Captain America: Civil War dropped today, and they finally showed […]

New Comic, and A Short Story

Not only is there a new comic this week, but I’ve also started work on a short story about Derrick, the paladin(as pictured in this week’s comic).  It’s just a small part so far of what will be a much larger piece, and can also be found at the Heroines for Hire website: 1.           […]

It’s New Comic Wednesday!

Sorry for no comic last week…it was out of my hands as the comic is a collaborative process.  My artist had a good friend in town from the UK, and spent the majority of last week doing touristy LA things like Disneyland.  I can hardly begrudge her as it’s not like she’s getting paid to […]

A couple of updates

Been a bit busy lately so while the Heroines for Hire website has been getting updated regularly, I’ve been a little slack here.  So if you’ve been getting your updates here for the comic, here’s the last couple of strips.  Looks like we’re not getting a new one this week, thanks to a good friend […]

Happy New Year!

I thought we were going to take a bit of a longer break here in January before starting back up again, but my artist Jo Roberts was pumped to get going on the strips in 2016…and who am I to argue? So enjoy the deceptively titled “Last Call” and we have plenty more to come […]