A couple of updates

Been a bit busy lately so while the Heroines for Hire website has been getting updated regularly, I’ve been a little slack here.  So if you’ve been getting your updates here for the comic, here’s the last couple of strips.  Looks like we’re not getting a new one this week, thanks to a good friend […]

Happy New Year!

I thought we were going to take a bit of a longer break here in January before starting back up again, but my artist Jo Roberts was pumped to get going on the strips in 2016…and who am I to argue? So enjoy the deceptively titled “Last Call” and we have plenty more to come […]

Happy Holidays!

We’re going to take a week or two off from the comic to get ready for 2016. But I’m churning out scripts, so don’t worry, we’ll be back before you know it. Looks like we’ll actually have a booth at WonderCon this year to promote the strip, so good things ahead for Heroines for Hire.  […]

Plan B

Alanthia takes control in this week’s strip! As always, all the Heroines for Hire strips can be found on our website.  And be sure to follow the comic on Twitter @HeroinesForHire!

Week 15 of Heroines for Hire!

Wow, who would have thought it…we’re already over three months into the comic, with a ton more content ahead. We’re just about ready to start seriously promoting the comic, now that we’ve got a decent number of strips under our belt.  This weekend artist Jo Roberts and I will be at Long Beach Comic-Con, there […]